MILAN – The most designed places

מילנו - מקומות מעוצבים במיוחד 10

Milan – The Design Capital Much has been written about Milan and it being the world’s design capital, about the annual design exhibits there, the atmosphere and chicness in the streets. Even without specific recommendations, no addresses, Google Maps or even this post, it’s enough to get lost in the streets of the city and […]

PARIS – The most designed places

PARIS - The most designed places

Oh La La Paris Countless words about love have been written about the most romantic city in the world. I’ll express my love for the French design aesthetic with a couple of words and a wide selection of photographs depicting the city sites designed to perfection. In my conclusion I added a short clip (especially […]

SHANGAI – The most designed places

SHANGAI - The most designed places

Shanghai – The World’s Greatest Design Surprise It’s been a few years now that a great sign in the departures hall at the Milan airport reads:  SEE YOU NEXT YEAR IN DESIGN SHANGHAI  Last year, after a truly great visit in Milan, I felt a sense of fatigue. It was that sign, that I’ve noticed […]

STOCKHOLM – The most designed places

STOCKHOLM - The most designed places

Stockholm – When Functionality Meets Beauty When I was invited, at the beginning of a hot summer, to a design award ceremony in the italian city Como, I decided to treat myself prize and travel from there to an especially designed destination. The choice was simple – Stockholm (a city rife with awards) met all […]

Israel – The most designed places

Israel - The most designed places

North – Ein Harod Art Center Luna Bistro in Nazareth and a Surprise Nothing says Israel more to me than Israeli art and Arab food against the backdrop of the Jezreel Valley and the Lower Galilee landscapes. The most beautiful views Israel has to offer. No matter where you come from, the road to the […]