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עיצוב בתים פרטיים
About the project

The bright blue entrance door opens, revealing a patio, and an interior yard connecting the two blocks of the house, visible through enormous glass windows from the two wings of the house embracing the patio.  Compared with the opaque blue entrance door, the scene revealed to those entering the inside of the house is airy and light.

Contrary to the airiness and transparency obtained from the vertical glass walls of the public block stand the northern wall, on which there are high dark kitchen cabinets, and the southern wall of the living room, covered with thin dark-colored tiles, into which a fire-place is built, with a TV screen over it.  A spacious dining corner is located in the middle.  In the kitchen there are tall, powerful graphite-black wall cabinets, with a built-in refrigerator and ovens.   A 4-meter wide island is located in parallel, into which are set the cooker and a stone sink, brought especially from Italy, and seating places.

The dining corner is also parallel to the kitchen, and it includes a wooden table for a softened atmosphere.

The parallel station between the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island and the dining corner enables all functions to enjoy a view of the central yard, in which there is a jacuzzi pool tiled with green stone, and a view of the interior yard located on both sides of the public space.

Sofas in shades of light cream and camel-colored armchairs were selected to furnish the living room, with a soft carpet that binds the furniture in aquatic shades, which are reminiscent of the color of the pool alongside the public space as an integral part of it.

Three unique lighting fixtures accompany the three functions in the public space and are prominent on the background of the white wooden ceiling and the glass walls:  A delicate band of lighting fixtures hangs above the kitchen island, three hanging brass lights made by “FLOS” illuminate the dining corner, and a black and brass lighting fixture by the design company MOOI hangs in the center of the living room.  Peripheral lighting illuminates and emphasizes the high ceiling.

The private space block consists of three floors, and is connected by a flight of stairs faced with smoked oak wood and an elevator for the mother’s convenience.

On the entrance floor is the parents’ wing, consisting of a spacious suite with a large double bed, opposite which is a sitting corner and a kitchenette.  Delicate smoke-pink curtains frame the giant windows and the garden view seen through them, providing a soothing and luxurious atmosphere.   Wardrobe space and a make-up area lead to the bathroom.  The bathroom is faced with thin black schist tiles.  The facades of the bathroom cabinets are covered with a material identical to the wall facing.  For the bathroom floor Corten tiles were selected, which emphasize the modern-looking white stand-alone bath.  All these enable the use of the bathroom to be as lengthy and pleasant as possible.  Next to the parents’ unit is a study and a luxurious guest toilet.

In the basement there is a movie projection room, a bomb shelter, and service rooms.  The children’s rooms are on the top floor.  Each child has a separate two-story suite, consisting of a gallery with a wide bed and a writing desk, and the lower floor is for entertaining friends and the bathroom.  Wooden stairs connect the two floors of each suite.

The yard of the house is paved with light-colored travertine, which emphasizes the pool and the jacuzzi faced with pink Guatemala stone, which alters its green shades according to the sun’s changing rays throughout the day.

This is a home planned and designed for a couple and their three sons.  The mother underwent surgery for a slipped disc which left her with irreversible nerve damage, keeping her bedridden and in terrible pain.  I have been given the privilege to design a home for special people, and the effort is as large as the satisfaction at my ability to create a space that will support and enable the household members to cope with the complex situation imposed on them.  The planning and execution lasted three years, during which I got to know and to appreciate the unique personal and emotional strength of the lady of the house.   A woman suffering great pain who, with super powers, is not allowing the pain to manage her and maintains a positive and optimistic atmosphere.   The wonderful relationship between the couple and the special children, all these gave me the inspiration and the strength to deal with a complex project.  The level of involvement that the family enabled me and their need for solutions to many matters way beyond those required for other projects, created between us a connection that led to such a perfect result.  It was important for me to give the family and the mother the best conditions, to facilitate the process of the construction and to make use of my great experience in order to find solutions and to design every detail that will enable the family to live a good life in their new home.

The sons showed no interest in the design of their rooms and the appearance of the basement space that was designated for them.  We did not give up, and together with the parents, we located areas of interest and succeeded in imparting life and integrating color to provide them with a joyous and embracing environment.  It turned out that computer games and the gamer world are common to all three boys.

It was important for me to maintain the involvement of the family members even when the children had no interest in the design, while the father had many other worries, and the mother faces such great hardships.  I knew that the dream and the hope symbolized by the new home for the family members are enormous, and I must realize them even if the situation makes it difficult.  I was careful to maintain the involvement of everyone, to allow them to enjoy the process and to save them from making unnecessary effort.  To try and understand the nuances in the places where I had to decide for them.

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