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Photographer: Shy Adam

עיצוב דירת גן
About the project

A new garden apartment at a luxurious project at HaSharon area, purchased to be transformed into a vacation home. The apartment was purchased at the final stages of building and is divided into five rooms. The interior design process, in order to transform it into a spacious and attractive vacation home, included removing some of the walls and replanning the electricity and plumbing to fit the new design. The bedrooms were covered in warm wooden floors while the public areas were given big and bright tiles, to create a sense of an airy and elegant space.

The apartment’s new arrangement includes a spacious guest suite with a bedroom, bathroom and workstation, another bedroom with an adjacent bathroom, guest bathrooms were added, and an entire room was opened to the living room and garden and was converted into a wide dining room. An island was added to the kitchen for storage and sitting. The apartment is surrounded by a garden with various seating areas and a jacuzzi.

The bathrooms are elegantly designed to create a vacation and luxurious atmosphere.

Planning and designing a vacation house has to do, on one hand, with creating an attractive, innovative and trendy design that will promote its rental for guests from abroad, as a good alternative to a boutique hotel. And, on the other hand, demands a practical budgetary thinking that will contribute to the profitability of the project.

Unlike planning and designing apartments and home for specific clients, where you can wonder about their lifestyle, wants and dreams, in this case, the apartment’s ultimate client is the unknown occasional tourist, which takes predictive analysis to bring on the commercial success of the apartment.

Managing the project was done while making sure the design was luxurious, intended for clients from abroad, while staying on a tight budget to allow the economic profitability of the apartment as a short-term lease. There was emphasis on selecting durable materials, minimizing the maintenance costs and preserving the luxurious look for long.

Supporting this project included selecting all the finishes and the content of the apartment, including carpentry, furniture and down to the smallest details such as linens, towels and kitchenware. The thought behind the interior design and all selections made was making the time of the people choosing to stay there during their vacation as pleasant as possible and wanting the designed surroundings to fulfill their expectations of an emotional and pampering time.

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