Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style" - Massimo Vignelli"


Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

The work process at the studio begins with a deep familiarization and understanding of needs, requirements, lifestyle and budget as defined by the client.

All these will serve as the basis for detailed sketches, to be processed in collaboration with the client until the selected sketch is confirmed.




The selected sketch will be processed into architectural plans including demolition plans (when renovating an existing structure), construction, electricity, installation, air conditioning and lowered ceilings, coating bathrooms, flooring, windows, doors and carpentry (kitchens, bathrooms, closets and other furniture).

The plans and quantities lists will be passed on to the contractors and professionals as needed, in order to receive price quotes. This method of work provides budgetary certainty in a way that ensures the true cost of the project is known even in the early stages of planning, and allowing for adjustments even before the actual work begins.




The next stage is precise and detailed preparation of the authorized plans, for the selected professionals to carry out. Detailed work plans are transferred to the contractors, while maintaining close contact, providing guidance and coordination, and overseeing the careful and precise execution of the plan on-site.




At the same time the process of planning and designing details continues, with in-depth adjustments to the client’s requirements and needs. At this stage close accompaniment and consultation is provided for selecting raw materials, furniture, lighting, sanitary tools, coating, flooring, interior and exterior colors, and complementary accessories.

The studio has an in-depth familiarity with excellent providers nationwide, and also have the option of ordering furniture and accessories directly from manufacturers and providers abroad.

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