LP Duplex

Photographer:Oded Smadar

עיצוב דירות יוקרה בכפר סבא
About the project

They approached me right after the first lockdown. Children of beloved clients of mine and wonderful people in their own right.

The duplex they purchased had to quickly be calculated and adjusted to their new restrictions and needs.

Aside from being a new family and dreaming of a wonderful apartment, the creation of a study for the parents was their top priority, especially for the mother, who is a hi-tech specialist as well as a full-time mother of two.

There were various options, some even strange, until I saw the laundry room adjacent to the master suit. The need for a quiet place, away from the children, overcame the comfort of a laundry room by the bedroom floor.

We found online a plastic shed for the washing machine and drier, with room for laundry baskets and cleaning products, and placed it in a hidden corner of the large entrance floor balcony.

The former service balcony was stylishly and maliciously decorated.

A well-designed desk occupied the spaces cleared by the washing machine. The large window, originally overlooking the laundry chute, was hidden by a pinkish curtain. Light fixtures and accessories completed the look of the stylish and functional study.

The need for making more living space for the kids and family also targeted the balcony coming out of the living room.

We changed the flooring to a dark one, to emphasize the colorful furniture selected for the dining and sitting areas. We designed a wonderfully flourishing garden on the eighth floor, facing southwest, and added a lighting garland to keep things happy even when it gets dark outside. Everything was planned so there will be enough room left for the kids to play, and maybe even for an inflatable pool.

The residential secure space was even brought on to keep the kids interested and became a brightly colored game room.

The bedroom floor was under a tall and slanted roof, which added interest and uniqueness.

Designing the kids’ rooms was an especially fun challenge, since there is nothing better than designing rooms for little ones, not to mention the sweet baby, which is the youngest of my recent clients.

The room was designed with a color pallet ranging from pink, black and broken white. A black iron chest added to the fine black lines in the room as well as the black pompoms at the curtain’s contour.

The boy’s room was designed with a motif of stars and stripes, with a color pallet that ranges between turquoise, black, white and grey.

The spacious master bedroom allowed us to design a room of comfort and elegancy.

Throughout all the rooms of the duplex there are light fixtures, accessories and unique artwork placed, adding the topping on top of the design layers beneath.

The entire apartment has a colorful joy contrasted with more restrained tones, mostly combining the life of a young family in challenging days.

The goal of allowing them to have a good and versatile life in the apartment, both parents and kids, had so far stood the test of time during the three quarantines we have been through, and who knows how many more situations forced on this family by the time these lines were written.

I wish us all to spend an adequate amount of time at home.

May we always have a home that suits our needs waiting for us even if we have to stay in it more than we would have wanted to.

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